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Had a fantastic time. As noted by others who have taken these cruisesthe food is outstanding in uniqueness, taste and presentation and the happy hour drinks are irresistible. I was no exception.

On another post, somebody suggested bringing personal snacks. That is an absurd suggestion. Shipmates definitely make the difference. Kudos to Tradewinds for doing a great job of matching people up. Our boat had folks of a similar nature-- we were all active water-lovers. The sister boat that went out the same time as us had a full complement of somethings that wanted to maximize their consumption of food and alcohol.

A Week On Board a Crewed Yacht Charter Around the Caribbean

Needless to say, both boats enjoyed their cruises to the max! As noted by other reviewers, you definitely will bond with your shipmates. The intimacy of living in tight quarters guarantees it. For solo travelers this is a big plus. Attitude and physical shape count for a lot. The cabins are pretty compact so you want to make sure you bring as little as possible. As the equipment provided by Tradewinds is top notch, you can save some suitcase space by bringing just your mask.

With all the other activities going on, one tank a day is more than enough. Each of my three dives exceeded 75 minutes bottom time. I used a dive skin rather than a wetsuit and was plenty warm water temp.

They were fantastic dives! Very safe and professional but relaxed and you could go at your own pace and maximize your bottom times. Underwear —wake up, jump in the ocean and swim before breakfast. Eat breakfast. Swim after breakfast before the boat takes off. Wear your swimsuit all day or board shorts as you sail from bay to bay. Jump in the water, snorkel.

Scuba dive, shower. Wear your swimsuit or board shorts for happy hour and dinner. Jump in the ocean, do a night snorkel or just swim. Go to bed.Admiring a beautiful anchorage after a light hike on St. There are many different ways to sail in the Caribbean. Mine happened to be a weeklong, all inclusive, crewed charter with TradeWinds, which departed out of St. Maarten and then sailed around St. Barts and Anguilla before returning to St. It was an entire week of eating, sleeping, drinking, playing and lounging, all aboard a Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57 called, believe it or not, Dream Maker.

The majority of the people who book these vacations are couples. But I booked mine with my oldest friend, because we live on opposite sides of the country and needed a chance to reconnect with each other and ourselves far away from our families, jobs and the demands of daily life.

We exchanged countless emails and instant messages and Facebook posts with links to trade-winds. Thank you, Internet, for preparing us in the best and worst ways possible. As it turns out, nothing can really prepare you for it a trip like this, not even Christopher Cross, because it is almost too good to be true. Every morning you wake up feeling better rested than you have since you were in the womb, to a fresh, delicious breakfast prepared by some magical creature, anchored in waters that seem too beautiful for mere mortals.

After that, guess what happens? Someone else cleans up! You eat and drink as much as you want, stand up, go down to your cabin, change into your swimsuit unless you were already wearing it as I often wasslather on sunscreen and spend the rest of your morning doing whatever your heart pleases.

On a crewed charter, you simply show up with your soft duffel full of swimsuits and shorts, your passport, your camera and a mindset of leisure. Everything is taken care of. If you want to participate in the sailing itself, your captain is happy to let you hoist the sails, take the helm, set the anchor, gybe, you name it.

I myself preferred to watch the action from the seats at the forward end of the bow, drink in hand, silently critiquing, soaking it all in. It seems to be standard with TradeWinds that your captain and first mate are not only a couple, but also adorable. Guy was just a boy, barely out of diapers, but he was a captain in every sense of the word, and Rose was a whiz in the galley, always ready with a warm smile, a drink, and delicious-tasting food.

Together they took great care of both the boat and their guests—all 10 of us. They fed us, listened to our stories, answered our questions, arranged shore excursions and regaled us with their own tales of sailing all over the world. This was their final training charter before they took over their own boat, and the two of them shared the smallest possible space on board, an area about the size of a bathtub. Nonetheless, they were happy as can be, all smiles all the time.

tradewinds sailing bvi

The second stop was St. Stop three was in Grand Case, on the charming French side of St. Martin—think Pirates of the Caribbean and warm, wide smiles—where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Ocean Our fleet of Monohull, Catamaran and Crewed yachts range from 31ft to 54ft.

All are newer models and always meticulously maintained. We spent a wonderful week on Indian Chief, which was delivered to us spot clean, everything working, and on time. From the early booking stages to the final signoff, they were professional and efficient. We loved our trip in the British Virgin Islands. The excellent snorkeling at the Dogs and the Indians was really a lot of fun.

This was our 4th charter with BVI Yachts who keep us We think it is the best way to stay safe and get over the Covid crisis as soon as possible. We will be working remotely during this time and have full access to all our customer details.

Please email us at charters bviyc. If you would prefer to speak to us in person please send your phone number to the email address above and we will call you back.

Thank you for your patience during this time. Delightful Charter We spent a wonderful week on Indian Chief, which was delivered to us spot clean, everything working, and on time. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This site uses cookies: Find out more.

Okay, thanks.A really good vacation. I would recommend this to most any adult not for kids.

tradewinds sailing bvi

Check-in is generally not a good time and this time was no different. It is not good because travel days are just bad. Airports, taxis, ferry, customs, taxi, and at the end is Tradewinds. I am no longer in a good mood and I just want to swim, cool off, and maybe have a drink. But the paperwork needs to be done. When the boat was ready and the paperwork was done we went to the dock with our crew and shipmates. The crew was 2 attractive young women, very friendly, capable and knowledgeable.

tradewinds sailing bvi

Our shipmates were age appropriate, fun and interesting. Each one of things that I just mentioned were previously concerns of mine but now were just a memory. Seasickness never was an issue. A catamaran is very stable, the weather was great, seas were small, and night-time moorings were protected from winds and waves.

People sometimes wore anti seasickness bands or took Dramamine, but motion sickness never stopped anybody from enjoying anything. Scuba diving was not the main focus of this trip and only 3 of us were active divers, but Janine made sure that we got in 3 dives at 3 different locations.

She was a very capable dive master and 2 of the 3 dives I would rate at "Excellent". The dive that was not excellent was because we didn't see much in the way of sea life; that happens sometimes and can't be helped.

tradewinds sailing bvi

Mother nature does not always provide animals when I want to see animals. Snorkeling off the boat was much more plentiful and can happen anytime that we were stopped. The best snorkeling coincided with the dive locations, but good to excellent snorkeling can be found at a lot of the moorages and bays during the trip. Meals on board were cooked by Janine and were more healthy than what I eat at home. Fruit, bread, and cheese seemed to accompany every meal.

Nobody went hungry and they went out of their way to accommodate vegetarians and special requests. In between meals, snacks are always available. We drank a lot of wine at dinner. My wife and I both drink Jack and Coke. We made note of that in our pre-trip questionnaire, and Tradewinds made sure that there was plenty of Jack Daniels on board.Luxury vacations come in all shapes and sizes and if you're looking for an all-inclusive vacation that combines both water and land-based accommodation, then we have the perfect option for you.

The perfect vacation if you want to try sailing, but also want to spend time on land in your own gorgeous private suite with beach access! Few places are as mesmerizing as the exotic islands of French Polynesia.

Amazing atolls, palm-lined white, sandy beaches and breathtaking views above and below the water. Explore the grounds, sample fine wines or simply relax and unwind by the pool.

TradeWinds Cruise Club - BEWARE - St. Vincent and the Grenadines Forum

Visit world-renowned vineyards and enjoy freshly prepared gastronomic delights courtesy of your private chef. The perfect vacation if you have Joie de vivre! We've created three luxury vacations for you to choose from.

Lovingly curated by our experienced team, we've spent the past 20 years finding the world's most beautiful destinations. So where will your next vacation take you? Specializing in amazing, all-inclusive luxury vacations, we create the types of dream vacations that make other people green with envy. Enjoying your luxury vacation with TradeWinds is an all-inclusive experience and it all starts with a Champagne Welcome as soon as you join us.

Our attentive staff will take care of your every need, while you relax, unwind and have fun. Mouth-watering first-class cuisine, expertly prepared by our chefs, using fresh, local ingredients will tantalize your taste buds, no matter your destination.

Enjoy our generous and well-stocked bars — ideal for delicious sunset cocktails, as well as a wide range of amenities and services available to you for the duration of your stay. Experience unrivaled all-inclusive luxury yacht charters and a five-star vacation of a lifetime, like no other. Reserve a cabin on one of our much-loved shared luxury yacht charters or book a crewed private yacht charter and make it an exclusive vacation for family and friends — ideal for any special occasion.

Create a lifetime of memories with TradeWinds. Your privacy is important to us. From time to time we would like to send you offers and information regarding our products and services. For this, we need your consent. Please read our Our privacy policy for more details. Discover French Polynesia. Choose from our range of three all-inclusive luxury Vacation Options and discover the world with TradeWinds. Discover what makes our all-inclusive luxury yacht charters like no other.

Water or land vacation? Why choose, when you can have both! Sail the 'Pearl of the Pacific'. Experience Opulence in Southwest France. Luxury Vacations We've created three luxury vacations for you to choose from. The TradeWinds Experience.Having spent two wonderful flotilla sailing holidays chartering a boat in the BVI both my husband I and were eager to take our floating home, Briticanto an old haunt.

Note: the video of our BVI sailing travels is at the bottom of this post. Some aspects I loved and yet others made me want to move on never looking back. Overall, the region is set up to cater to weeklong boat charters providing tourist offerings at ridiculous tourist rates.

The beaches are white sand and the sea floor is navy with stunning turquoise and sea green patches. Almost every popular bay has mooring buoys.

Note: A mooring buoy is made up of a concrete block seated on the bottom of the sea with a rope attached and floated on the surface by a large floating ball. A mooring buoy or also called a mooring ball acts as a replacement to your anchor. To attach the buoy you simply pull up the end with a hook and feed warps or ropes through an eyelet and fix back on the boat.

Over the past week we enjoyed watching:. My advice - make sure to give it a go when there are few boats around. On our first attempt it took my daughter and I seven goes.

I wish I read Kim's guide first! I would have saved myself time and quite a bit of embarrassment. The step-by-step instructions are fantastic to give to crew and the tips are great. This guide is well worth the money. Thank you for writing it Kim!

Top 16 reasons why sailing the British Virgin Islands is bittersweet

The wind is plentiful — there is great sailing and nice breezes at anchor. After sailing the Med for two years and having either too much wind or no wind at all the Caribbean seems to be a dream come true for sailors. The wind allows for great sails, cool breezes and a lack of mosquitos. Diving the RMS Rohn shipwreck is well work the time, money and effort too.

You can sail for one hour or several — every island is very close. The longest passage we had was four hours and that was going from one end of the BVI to the other. Look under the ledge. If you have guests interested in visiting you this is an excellent region of the Caribbean to make the airport transfer painless. If you have to pick one marina to visit, I recommend Nanny Cay Marina. The views are breathtaking. After a snorkel, you can enjoy a lovely tasting but pricey lunch and then find a shaded or sunny area to allow for relaxed digestion.

I got the feeling that many charter boats woke up in the morning and raced to the next anchorage to ensure they got a mooring buoy. It seemed that by 9am everyone in a mooring field would be gone and by 3pm the fields were jam-packed. Fortunately, nothing is far away in the BVI — within an hour there are surely several places to get a buoy or put a hook down. Anchoring is often not an option. We found this very annoying. In our pilot book the maps show several bays with both mooring buoys and space for boats that want to anchor.

Your Luxury Yacht Charter Awaits

In almost every bay we entered the space for anchoring was full of mooring balls. Authenticity is hard to find. In the east we experienced amazing local foods, great reggae and steal drum music and even learned a bit of the slang language.

And the food…well, it was okay. It was food I could get anywhere.I went on this cruise with a friend around the beginning of this year. Personally, it's not worth the money. If you like somewhat "roughing it" then it just might be for you. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are expecting all of the comodities from a big cruise line, then you may not want to even consider this option. They have 2 catamarans.

As expected the rooms are small, but one doesn't spend much time in them. There was suppose to be hot water at all times, but the heater had broken 2 weeks prior to our departure. The boat had been docked and they didn't take the time to fix it. Therefore, we didn't have hot water to shower with the whole week. They request you take "military showers" to conserve water.

TradeWinds-All Inclusive Luxury Catamaran Sailing with Gourmet Cuisine

The bathrooms are extreemely small and uncomfortable. At the begining, I was curious to know how one becomes a club member not knowing it was a timesharebut they would not tell me anything. A day or so later the captain would ask to speak with each of us individually or with our companion. He wanted to sell timeshares. None of us were interested and yet the captain would constantly "hound" us like a telemarketer with rebuttles.

A couple of people actually got very upset and expressed it. However, he still wouldn't give up. This made the cruise quite uncomfortable. We all noticed that the service and attention decreased inmensly when we didn't buy into the timeshare. As Americans our standards tend to be higher than in other countries especially when you pay full price for this excursion. Thus said, the people that work for TradeWinds in Bequia are European very different type of service.

The food was really good, but we all noticed that the portions got smaller and smaller as the days went by. We all found ourselves hungry from time to time. The sailing was very nice and peaceful. The islands as well as the water, very beautiful. The price includes unlimited alcohol, which is a plus for those who like to drink.

All in all it was O. I personally would not use nor recommend this company. If you are still considering going on this cruiseI suggest you go during their rainy season as you get to witness all the green. When I was there it was very brown and dry.